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With the single „Spare“, Good Guy Mikesh proves his talent for contemoprary Club- and Popmusic. A rough and sometimes dark baseline layer underlines the magnificent detuned vocals. „Spare“ is a song that can enchant us listeners either in the club or at home. Remixes come in courtesy of Marbert Rocel, Axel Boman, Christian Löffler and Mano Le Tough. Marbert Rocels version of “Spare” is a playful one with some disco elements and an added sax line. Axel Boman is going straight to the floor with his Remix of “Spare”. Adding a few club-suited sounds and clicks this makes it a deep house version of the original for the DJs to play out loud. Christian Löffler gives the original his trademark sound and makes it a melancholic piece of deep techno. For some this one is the masterpiece-remix, that’s why it made it to the A-Side of the record. (DJ Support by Tobias Thomas a.o.) Mano Le Tough adds a few synth-lines to the original and makes it good for both: home-listening and club. The cover artwork comes from Cologne based artist Timofey Kratts.

12" Vinyl
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