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After touring a lot in the past two years and visiting many places, Christian Löffler took home all the different impressions and feelings he gathered on his journey. The results flow into his last EP "Young Alaska" that sold out in less than a month. After Monokle already remixed his song "Notes", that was released together with the single "All Comes", it is now a kind of part two remix EP around the same songs but in a different context. "All Comes" got remixed by the Italian brothers that team up under the moniker Mind Against. They are part of the Life and Death family and good friends with Christian since a long time. The same counts for Sieren who did an amazing remix on Christian's song "Notes". The best thing about this EP is that both tracks work perfectly with one another, Mind Against and Sieren are coming from very different music scenes but seem to have similar feeling about Christian's music.
Young Alaska Remixes