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Just before the arrival of summer this year, Christian Löffler is set to release his next musical statement and autobiographical journey named “Young Alaska” on Ki Records. The German producer unveils his unique soundscapes by delivering seven tracks which are deeply rooted, once again, in harmony and emotion. Löffler's unique sound based on an intense melancholic feel brought him a busy touring schedule performing at clubs and festivals all over the world. He sticks to his calm approach to electronic music and proves, through his live-sets, that emotions control the dance floor, creating a real sense of euphoria. His experiences on the road are reflected on “Young Alaska,” which is largely inspired by these journeys and places he has visited. From the peaceful landscapes of the title track to the melodramatic heights of “Mt. Grace,” he took “Notes” back home to transfer the impressions into his music. Songs like “Beirut“, “Veiled Grey” and “Alpine Sketch” are very diverse but come together harmoniously on this release. As on his debut album, he once again collaborates with Danish vocalist Gry and Me Succeeds lead-singer Mohna on “All Comes” and “Beirut.” During the course of “Young Alaska”, Christian tells the story of his journey over the course of the past two years.

Young Alaska
12"+7" Vinyl
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