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It’s not that we at Ki like to stick to one Genre, but if we would’ve heard from Colo a few years ago, we probably would’ve not liked it. Colo are the two young producers and DJ’s Ben and Nick that became friends during their studies for sound engineering in London. They actually come from a musical background somewhere above the 140 bpm mark, but have recently started slowing things down significantly. The result is what you can hear on their latest single for Ki, which is a first taste for their upcoming self titled debut-album. Read more about Colo here On the A-side we have Holiday, which is a downtempo Track with mystic Vocals accompanied by a percussive beat. The dragging flow of Holiday is underlined by a soft chorus and crispy sounds giving the track great depths. Colo perfectly showcases their style in this track and that’s why it is the first single before their debut album on Ki. On the B-Side we have a remix by none the less than Christian Löffler, who gives the Track his trademark sound building up slowly and finally turning the original into a spheric deep techno track. Everyone who knows Löffler’s sound will immediately fall in love with his contribution to this release.

7" Vinyl
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